Building Contract Lawyers

Our team of building contract lawyers here at McMahon Fearnley are experts in the complexities of building and construction law.

We have extensive experience in providing building contract legal advice to owners, builders and owners’ corporations. To complement our own expertise, we also utilise the skills and industry knowledge of a network of building professionals in the Construction industry.

Whatever your building contract needs, we can provide you with practical advice today to reduce the likelihood of disputes and unexpected costs in the future.

Building Contract Reviews

As building contracts are legally binding, it’s vital that a legal professional conducts a building contract review before signing takes place. For individuals it is often the largest dollar value contract they will sign in their lives (aside from a property purchase contract).

A building contract review identifies and analyses the key provisions within an agreement. This ensures that the relevant information is clearly highlighted, so all sides understand their rights and responsibilities, the terms and conditions, as well as potential risks and consequences. In addition, the contract will be checked for discrepancies and clauses that need further clarification.

Our team of building contract lawyers not only have an in-depth understanding of construction law but can also interpret construction documentation. This means that they can cross-reference documents looking for inaccurate or unclear details. They can also assist you with negotiations if any amendments need to be made.

Drafting New Contracts

Having a building contract in place is essential to a building project’s success and good business relations. It is a detailed agreement of the terms and conditions of the project, outlining the scope of work, duties, dangers and risks, and the legal rights of all parties involved.

Drafting a new contract needs professional input and a deep knowledge of construction law. The building contract lawyers at McMahon Fearnley are experts at drafting clearly written contracts that help protect clients in disputes and legal issues, including termination of contracts. 

Contract Termination 

Unfortunately, not all building projects end well.

If you are considering the termination of a building contract or if someone else has terminated your contract, you need expert legal assistance.

Although there may be valid reasons on either side, terminating a building contract is fraught with complications and risks.

The consequences of not following the correct legal procedures for contract termination can be very costly, stressful and can lead to litigation.

Our building contract lawyers are highly experienced in contract termination procedures as well as litigation, negotiation and dispute resolution.

How We Help Our Clients

Construction law is complex and multifaceted. Our building contract lawyers in Melbourne have a range of experience and specialist skills in drafting, reviewing or terminating building contracts.

We have helped a range of property owners, building companies and owners’ corporations get the outcome they wanted with their building contract.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with up-to-date, reliable legal advice and representation for your business contract needs.