Workplace Relations & Employment Lawyers Melbourne

The team at McMahon Fearnley Lawyers are experienced in all facets of workplace relations and employment law, representing both employees and employers in a wide range of employment law disputes. They can provide you with advice and assistance on all aspects of employment law ranging from contractual issues, workplace disputes, performance management issues and disputes concerning harassment and unfair dismissal.

Employment Contracts, Agreements and Policies

Negotiating employment contracts and navigating the world of workplace agreements and policies can be confusing and time-consuming. To make the process easier and less stressful, it’s best to seek assistance from an experienced employment lawyer in the early stages of negotiating a new contract. This applies to both employees and employers.

It’s important that before you sign your employment contract, you fully understand the terms and conditions and how they will impact you. McMahon Fearnley Lawyers can help you by reviewing your contract, explaining your rights and obligations and bringing any undesirable terms and conditions to your attention. On top of that, they can ensure that the contract reflects the terms and conditions negotiated.

In addition, our knowledgeable team can assist with drafting and providing advice on workplace policies.

Workplace investigations and dealing with employee misconduct

When dealing with misconduct allegations and breaches of employment contracts, it is important that procedurally fair workplace investigations are carried out before any disciplinary action is taken by the employer. Whether you are an employer dealing with alleged misconduct, or an employee that is the subject of the allegation and threatened disciplinary action, you should consult an employment lawyer for advice.

The lawyers at McMahon Fearnley can help you by responding to allegations, preparing written correspondence, initiating grievance procedures, dealing with employers and conduct boards, and appearing for you during interviews with workplace investigators.

At McMahon Fearnley, we recognise that workplace investigations must be handled with tact and discretion. We work with you to achieve a swift resolution to your dispute while taking steps to reduce the risk of professional or repetitional harm.

General employment advice & disputes (employers and employees)

The law offers employees some general protections irrespective of the employee’s salary, job title, or level of seniority.  These protections are termed ‘workplace rights.’ The experienced team at McMahon Fearnley can provide you with general employment law advice based on your circumstances. That way, you will be able to make informed decisions about how best to proceed with the situation you face.

Unfair Dismissal and adverse action claims

Unfair dismissals and adverse actions can give rise to claims for compensation or other remedies, including reinstatement. Whether you are an employee who has been unfairly dismissed from your employment or treated in an unfair or unlawful manner, or an employer responding to such claims, you should seek expert legal advice. These matters often involve strict timeframes for action and raise complex legal issues, so acting quickly is essential.

McMahon Fearnley lawyers will assess your situation with professionalism and sensitivity and advise whether there is an unfair or unlawful dismissal or if you need a general protection claim for damages and compensation.