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Whether you’re buying your first home or investing in real estate, McMahon Fearnley’s conveyancing lawyers can assist with all kinds of property transactions and help you navigate the process.

Our experienced team of property conveyancers work extensively across all areas of property law, including residential and commercial real estate. We are also well equipped to assist interstate or international clients, with our conveyancing lawyers able to offer advice on the requirements for the sale or purchase of property within Victoria, Australia.

At McMahon Fearnley, we frequently handle a variety of commercial property and leasing law matters and can help identify potential issues for you to be aware of and the best approach to take to get the results you want.

We recognise that each case is different, and we work with you to understand your priorities and offer the most relevant solutions to your situation. We apply our knowledge and expertise to solve your problems from routine commercial leases to complex commercial property and lease transactions and disputes.

Property Sales

Our team has extensive experience in advising on and facilitating property sales. Whether you’re selling a small residential property or looking at a large commercial sale, the team at McMahon Fearnley can assist.

When preparing a property for sale, we can facilitate drafting the Section 32 Vendor’s Statement. This legal document is a requirement for property sales in Victoria, provided by the seller to the buyer.

Our team can help prepare Section 32 Vendor’s Statements, ensuring the correct information is included, allowing for a transparent and simple transaction process, and minimising the risk of a purchaser being able to get out of a Contract of Sale once entered into.

Property Purchases

From a first home or investment property to a large commercial transaction, our experienced team can help navigate the legal requirements of purchasing property.

We can assist in reviewing Section 32 Vendor’s Statements, providing advice on any complexities or potential issues as outlined in the document. We are also able to provide assistance lodging transactions via PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), Australia’s e-conveyancing system.

Our team can advise purchasers on GST and other withholding requirements along with other elements of property law related to purchases.

Property Development

Our experts are experienced in providing legal advice for property development. Whether you’re contending with the legalities of developing your own property or are looking to purchase development opportunities, we can help navigate the requirements. We can assist in drafting and interpreting documents relating to development agreements, subdivisions and more.

We are also able to assist with property development disputes and provide help with any legal challenges to your development, whether commercial, residential or industrial.

Owners’ Corporation

Owners corporations (formerly body corporate) face a set of complex legal requirements and challenges. We can be of service when establishing owners corporations, drafting agreements, advising on debt recovery, resolving disputes and more. Members of owners corporations also have financial obligations ranging from insurance to property maintenance, and we can provide clarity on all such requirements.

The McMahon Fearnley team understands the complexities of the law relating to owners corporations and is equipped to assist with anything from residential to large commercial and industrial corporations.


Our property law experts can provide advice on the intricacies of commercial lease agreements. We have a deep understanding of the relevant legislation, including the Retail Leases Act and the Retail Leases Amendment Act 2020.

We are able to advise on the rights and responsibilities of landlords, including landlord disclosure statements. Such statements are a requirement of lease agreements and must be provided to tenants no later than 14 days before the commencement of the agreement. We can draft agreements and provide insight and clarity around an agreement’s specifics.

McMahon Fearnley’s team can also provide guidance to tenants, including disputes and assistance when entering into and signing agreements.